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We grow three varieties of hardneck  garlic: Chesnok Red, Czech Broadleaf, and Northern Quebec. All are organically grown in our garden without the use of herbicides or pesticides, or any other chemicals.


Our garlic is suitable for planting or culinary use. We sell it by the bulb, priced by size, or as decorative braids, and it is usually available from late August after at least 3 weeks of drying following the July harvest.


We create our beautiful, decorative braids using our own organically grown garlic, dried lavender from an organic farm on Vancouver Island, handtied with burlap string and finished with tartan ribbon from Scotland. 

Hang these in your kitchen, away from direct sunlight, and cut off a garlic bulb to use as required. Both decorative and useful!


We use our own garlic to make both garlic powder and garlic flakes. The jars each contain 40 grams, about 1.4 ounces of dried garlic. We don't add anything to the garlic, it is purely dried garlic. 


We grow and sell sugar pumpkins, which are great for eating, and Jack O' Lantern pumpkins. The Jack O' Lantern pumpkins tend to be larger and while they are still edible they are not as tasty as the sugar pumpkins. They have less flesh though,  so are perfect for carving.

We hope to add some more unusual varieties of pumpkin next year.


Our Plymouth Barred Rock chickens lay great tasting light brown eggs, often with double yolkers. Our chickens range freely around our large yard and gardens all spring, summer, and fall. In the winter they are in a large heated coop with windows and access to an even larger run during daylight hours.


At no time are they ever in small cages.


Our chickens are pure bred Plymouth Barred Rock chickens which are a cold hardy, dual purpose breed. We can sell hatching eggs year round with the peak time being from January till June.

Collected daily, we also sell our fresh farm eggs for eating.

Introducing The Twa Dugs:


Our Twa Dugs were our beloved companions - our two black labradors Glayva and Rannoch. Glayva was our wonderful girl, whom we got as a pup just after we were married and whom we sadly lost in February 2018. We miss her every day. Rannoch was her nephew, and was a young, crazy, goofy, loveable boy. We lost him suddenly from an unexpected and unexplained illness in December 2019. It was devastating to lose him at such a young age and he is missed very much.

To carry on the tradition our newest canine family member is Loki, another big goofy Black Lab who is still in his puppy stage.


Warburg, AB T0C 2T0, Canada


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